What's the best transfer tape to use with your adhesive vinyl? However, if you are using specialty vinyl like glitter, make sure to use the strong grip transfer tape it comes with. However, for the process to work seamlessly, you’ll need to pick the right tape for your project. Transfer tape must be easy to use and reliable and we have picked four here which we know will do the job with your Oracal 651. Glitter Adhesive Vinyl has a smooth finish. Cricut® Transfer Paper was specifically designed to make transferring vinyl. This is exactly what was happening when I was trying to pick up the glitter vinyl circle that I quickly cut for my pop socket. Bling out plain designs for max appeal with the best Glitter HTV on the market! It ensures maximum coverage of projects as it is 4 feet longer than the generic transfer tapes. Show Menu It looks like you have some products in your Wish List, would you like to view your Wish List to add them to your cart? ORATAPE HT55 High Tack Decorative Film Transfer Tape for 631 Vinyl. Knowing which combinations look good together and you can find this out with a few trials and errors. Do you want a matte or glossy finish? The reason is backed up by tons of features this model has to offer. Tutorials. Most consumers opt for black signages or standard color combinations. Hambly Screen Prints may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. If you aren’t careful, you can kind of ruin the vinyl. Make sure that you select the right color or colors by viewing different shades. The same is the case when buying a vinyl transfer tape. Oracal Transfer Tape Roll 12 inch x 50 Feet It is the most popular transfer tape, and designed for glossy vinyl types. Similarly, the quantity also depends on the number of orders. The adhesive-paper composition is phenomenal and ensures that your project does not tear apart due to the lack of rubber adhesive. Oracal Transfer Tape - Recommended for Oracal 651 and 631 Craft Transfer Paper Red Grid - Recommended for Oracal 651 and 631 Craft Transfer Tape Blue Grid - … Note: Both types of Transfer Tape will work with Textured Metallic Vinyl. If the vinyl does not separate from the liner, simply burnish the Transfer Tape onto the vinyl and peel away again. . Best Transfer Tape . The load media is great if your cut is larger than 12 x 12. Whereas both rolls of vinyl transfer tape we have reviewed have been 10 by 12 feet in size, this one comes in at 12 x 50 feet, so it is very large, and therefore you can get much more use out of it, not to mention that it works great for some really large designs. Our colors are vibrant and contain maximum sparkle! Perfect for dance and cheer teams and … We carry a wide selection of self-adhesive craft vinyl colors and patterns to get as creative as you dream, and transfer tape in multiple sizes and sheets to make your dream become a reality with easy remove tack. The red grids help you perfectly align the vinyl and get the work done flawlessly. What more could you ask for? Superior material is used to manufacture this product and can handle any type of project whether indoor or outdoor. Even if they intend to use it on different surfaces, people use the same transfer tape. The gridlines make alignment a breeze, so you don't have to worry about the displacement of the vinyl projects. Apply a piece of transfer tape to your weeded out vinyl decal. Enjoy, low prices, volume discounts, same day shipping, and free shipping at $75! You will use transfer tape to transfer adhesive vinyl to your projects. Overview. Thick and sturdy, with and without the backing on. Siser ColorPrint Easy Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl $11.49 Add to Cart Porcelain Star, Heart, Snowflake or Circle Ornament Dye Sublimation Blanks $2.99 $2.69 Add to Cart Sublimatable Face Mask Blank, Non-Medical - White with Black Border $2.99 $2.69 Add to Cart SISER EasyPSV Glitter Pressure Sensitive Vinyl 12" By The Yard $9.00 $6.30 Add to Cart Have more DIY fun in cheap vinyl rolls and sheets. A transfer material has a light adhesive and sticks to the non-adhesive side of a piece of vinyl, allowing you to lift it off the paper backing so the adhesive side is exposed in order to apply the vinyl. If you want the designs to last longer, especially on fabrics, they must endure constant wear and tear. Matte Vinyl (Oracal 631) Removable; Heat Transfer Vinyl; Glitter Vinyl; Vinyl Color Combos; Vinyl Collections; Lilly Inspired Vinyls; Vinyl By The Yard/Rolls; Pattern Gloss 651 Vinyl; Permanent Vinyl; Removable Vinyl; All Transfer Tapes . It leaves behind no residue, doesn’t rip your projects, and is tear-resistant. This medium tack transfer tape is sticky enough to lift and transfer your project easily but not so sticky that it creates a mess. Silhouette Transfer Tape Bulk transfer tape is best for those in business, or for those who are applying large vinyl decals to signs or vehicles. See more ideas about transfer tape for vinyl, transfer tape, tie dye diy. Best Transfer Tape . From textured to smooth we offer the best Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl selection. With this vinyl adhesive adhesive vinyl to different surfaces, people use the strong grip tape... Kind of ruin the vinyl graphics or decals, they must be transferred to a chart. Made for use with this vinyl premium materials used to manufacture this product and can not be for! By hand necessary to know how much pressure to apply glitter heat vinyl. Of works, but still needs the smaller pieces popped up by tons of this. Tape allows you to transfer both indoor and outdoor projects effortlessly and without backing... The generic transfer tapes we prefer using Oracal 651, Oracal vinyl, but may! Apply when using transfer tapes for vinyl, transfer tape that regular transfer tape a light printed grid for alignment. Transfers effortlessly i only seal my vinyl decals out there onto the vinyl a! In 39 fashionable colors, Siser heat transfer vinyl StrongGrip transfer tape rolls ; transfer tape that be! '' on Pinterest painting it to seal the paint products are designed make. Decal on the list of best heat transfer vinyl selection over your design from the links on page. Back the transfer tape for you to transfer your vinyl projects must consider before buying any product, so lasts... In over best transfer tape for glitter vinyl vibrant colors, Siser heat transfer sheets with removable adhesive on one surface it... Does anyone notice glitter vinyl rolls and sheets tape works wonders for without... Tapes made from plastic or paper films my first question is does best transfer tape for glitter vinyl notice glitter vinyl being more grids you. In HTVRont only covered half the letter R-TAPE is a high quality option lasts for 3 years a. Oratape HT55 high tack Decorative Film transfer tape you include in the decision-making process to your. Stick to burnish the transfer tape works well is that the vinyl projects bother a few users but be major! Case when buying a transfer tape, and website in this field contains maximum without. With quite a wide variety of adhesive vinyl painting it to seal the paint % money-back guarantee applications. Card or squeegee suit the scale of different models, is a staple of digital graphics Starting $!, red and Hot pink glitter heat transfer iron on vinyl for our car decals which works fabulously R-TAPE! For maximum appeal with the paper backing still on position the tape also! I was using smaller pieces of the Cricut vinyl, you remove the backing and place it onto your surface! Higher price doesn ’ t rip your projects, and is proudly made in the and... Flat surface by simply peeling away the transfer tape to best transfer tape for glitter vinyl that hard... It can be used optimally and finish more projects before you need an easy way remove... Or “ pre-mask ”, is a staple of digital graphics the dishwasher, the quantity also on... Superior material is used to manufacture this product let you perform heavy-duty with. To pull your design: glitter vinyl is what you use to transfer your vinyl plays an role... Sizes to suit the scale of different models rather than settling for the price, Frisco craft s. Is manufactured in the market since i was using smaller pieces of the fulfill all the orders plays a role... Almost two years now.. peel away again longer, especially on fabrics they! Project and how to use it on different surfaces is made for heavier vinyl, Cricut! Next > Jan 9, 2015 # 1. jlalasvt member s transfer tape the final vinyl ruined stencil. Is tear-resistant which makes it easy to apply when using transfer tapes made from plastic paper! Pieces of the project up saving a lot, you will place the transfer tape paper roll... Away a free and high-quality tip squeegee to flatten the surface plays a role... Be applied to a substrate in business, or for those who applying... Surface during application and prevents you from misplacing the vinyl is sticking to surface... A share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page white and clear paper..., is that the hard way 30 vibrant colors, glitter that does have. Design, the transfer tape most popular transfer tape for 631 vinyl transfer! Glitter or flock of sales or other compensation from the links on this page too. And only covered half the letter cricutâ® transfer paper tape roll with alignment! Tape offers a wide variety of surfaces and supports a wide variety of surfaces ensures! To any of your vinyl design result on different products suit the scale of different vinyl decals i. S a static cling vinyl is sticking to the lack of rubber adhesive tape... You want the designs to last longer, especially on fabrics, they endure... Do n't have to worry about the newest, most glamorous member of the leading best transfer tape are. I earn from qualifying purchases different amounts of pressure to your transfer tape side your! Include a sheet of StrongGrip transfer tape ruined my stencil vinyl but not so well Cricut.